How to Improve Gaming Experience on Smartphone – Guide

The gambling industry has come a long way. Mobile gaming is one of the latest revolutions in the gaming industry. Recently, the mobile gaming industry has seen massive growth. According to Statist, mobile Gaming industry revenue is over US$63 billion and will exceed US$100 billion by 2023. It has been one of the main sources of entertainment for people all over the world. Faced with a growing demand, Android game app development companies started providing various game apps on Google Play Store. Gameplay experience and customer satisfaction are the main factors that differentiate games from the competition. If you’re dissatisfied with your Android gaming experience and looking for ways to improve it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how to improve your gaming experience by following the tips and tricks mentioned.

How to Improve your smartphone gaming experience

Increase refresh rate

One of the easiest ways to improve the gaming experience on a smartphone is to set your screen to refresh at the highest possible setting. Today high refresh screens have become the norm, as such it is quite possible that your new Android phone also supports it feature. So if you want to improve games quickly, set your screen to the highest possible refresh rate setting to have your phone update visuals faster than ever. Depending on the app or game you are playing, this will ensure that interactions with the phone feel smoother than before, giving you not only a visual boost, but also a boost during gameplay. Toggle to change the refresh rate of the phone’s are usually found within the Settings app and in the display section.

Enable Dolby Atmos

Depending on the phone of your choice, you can also enable Dolby Atmos support on your phone. This is a special audio enhancement, which adds an effect layer to your device’s audio to produce a more surround sound and immersive experience. This one feature it is not found on all Android phones however, phone manufacturers like Samsung support it on many of their Galaxy devices. The toggle to change it feature on can usually be found in the settings app and on the Sounds page.

use game mode

Majority phone manufacturers today equip their phones with its own version of a game mode that promises to improve game performance without too many problems. This mode helps to optimize the phone to improve the gaming experience of the phone. These apps offer a lot of functionality to gamers, but the most important of them is the promise to release up resources the moment you shoot up a game. Depending on the app you choose, you can also do a lot of extra things, including keeping track of the current FPS in the game and also putting the phone in a DND mode the moment you start the game mode to play a new game.

Strength 4X MSAA

This is an advanced feature, but which can be turned on for solid visual gains without too much trouble. 4x MSAA or 4x multi-sample anti-aliasing helps to improve resolution rendering, thus improving the visual appeal of the game. The feature, however, can only be enabled by going to the developer’s settings. phone and comes at the cost of higher battery consumption. But, if you are a gamer and have a high-end phone then this is definitely the feature for you. To enable it, go to developer options and find the Force 4x MSAA option. Just enable it to enjoy enhanced graphics.

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