Guide: How to Increase Audi­ence on Medium

Medium has become an incredible platform for writers to make their voices heard, or rather their words read. But as Medium has grown since its launch, it is getting more difficult for new writers with a small or nonexistent network to get readers to the site. On top of that, Medium unfortunately eliminated several features that once provided an easy way for new writers to grow quickly. A good publishing platform and a solid game plan often boils down to a successful blog | Shutterstock Still, Medium offers great opportunities for writers. There are features built into the platform that can help you spread the word. In addition, you can also take your own steps on Medium to ensure that you build a loyal audience. Don’t necessarily expect viral success overnight – just a slow and steady improvement.

1. Tag your messages

Tags are relatively new to Medium, but they will help significantly increase your potential audience. They are basically categories that people can search for or manually click Medium to see new and popular posts in them. When you add specific tags to your blog posts, you essentially categorize them so that it appears up to readers with similar interests.

First, type your entire blog post on Medium. Do this by logging into your account and clicking Write a Story at the top of the page. Make sure it has a central theme, which in itself is great for drawing in an audience rather than typing out sporadic thoughts. When you are ready to publish, click Publish and you will see the pop-upup has an area to enter tags.

You can add up up to three tags per post. When you start typing, Medium will list suggested tags and how many posts already have that tag. Try to choose tags that aren’t too unpopular, but not too popular either. If a tag is rare, people probably aren’t looking for it, but if a tag has thousands of messages, yours could get lost in the crowd.

Tip If you’ve already published posts that you want to tag, you can view the story and click Edit at the top at any time. Then click Publish and add your tags as you normally would to update them.

2. Send to publications

Publications are collections of stories that anyone can create or follow. Back in the day, anyone could submit a story to one too, but Medium took that feature away. If you want to add your story to a major publication, ask one of the editors to become a contributor.

View publications on Medium by clicking your avatar at the top of the page and choosing Publications. You will see all publications of which you are a member and which ones you follow. You can also search for publications at any time at the top. In order to build an audience relatively quickly, making your own publication is not recommended.

If you find one you want to participate in, it’s best to click the About link at the top of the page while viewing that post. Here you can see the editorial and probably a short description of the publication. If you are lucky, this will contain instructions for how to submit with that publication, which are complete up to the editor.

Otherwise, check out the list of editors and click on one of their profiles to see if they have listed social media or contact information where you can make a personal request. Tip Not all editors are open to accepting new contributors. If you find this to be the case for a publication you are looking for, try looking for another one.

3. Communicate with other media writers

The final way to build your audience on Medium (and expand your network in general) is to interact with Medium writers. This can be done in three ways: follow, comment and recommend.

Read other posts that are relevant to the content you are writing and make sure to follow the authors. Click on author names at the top, then click Follow on their profiles. Next, make sure to leave comments or annotations on the posts themselves that are relevant and insightful, possibly referencing something you may have also written. Click on Recommend button also at the end of their posts to show some love for the quality content. This increases the likelihood that the author will view your content, follow you back, and recommend your posts.

This one tips on Medium are ultimately good for your content and even better for your own personal brand, so stick with it until you see results. Good luck.

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