How to Increase iCloud Storage Space – Guide

If you have iCloud Photos turned on, all the photos and videos you take will be synced automatically. But the same goes for all the other photos you took where the angle was bad or came out blurry. And, in fact, the same goes for all the screenshots you’ve taken; everything is automatically synced to iCloud. Fortunately, you can use our own app, Gemini Photos, to scan your photo library and quickly get rid of images you no longer need. Before starting cleaning up your library, it’s important to double-check that iCloud Photos is turned on on your phone going to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos. So start cleaning up your photo library with Gemini Photos. It automatically and securely syncs your content like your contacts, photo library and notes. But before you get too excited, note that free accounts only offer 5GB of storage. That means you will see the pop-upup full iCloud storage once you’ve synced all your photos. If you’re running out of iCloud storage space, the obvious answer seems to pay to upgrade your account. free up space on iPhone and what else is stored on your iCloud and what might be taking up up too much space without you noticing.

Remove unnecessary iCloud device backups

The biggest win comes from deleting iCloud device backups for devices you no longer use. It’s common for them to remain, so if you’ve recently upgraded from an iPhone X to an iPhone 11 Pro, your iPhone X backup is probably still consuming gigabytes.

Delete unnecessary data from iOS apps

While on the iCloud storage screen (top left screenshot), look at the other apps at the top of the list. The Photos app probably uses more storage space, but all you can do to minimize storage consumption is delete unnecessary screenshots, duplicate photos, and accidental videos from Photos. This will likely require a lot of manual effort. However, some other apps – think of third parties camera or video apps — you can use up unnecessary storage. Investigate any apps that are reporting heavy usage on the iCloud storage screen and, if possible, delete unnecessary data. Finally, think about news. If you regularly share photos and videos in chats, this could be another place where you can save significant space. On the iCloud storage screen, tap Messages > Top Conversations to see which conversations are the biggest. Tap one to go to Messages, tap the person’s avatar at the top of the conversation, tap the info button, scroll down to view the photos, then tap View all photos. Tap Select, tap the photos you don’t want to keep in this message thread, then tap Delete at the bottom right of the screen.

avoid supporting Up Apps with massive iCloud data storage

If one of your apps stores a lot of data that you don’t want to delete but don’t mind losing, you can prevent iCloud Backup from doing so up and reduce the size of your backups.

Browse and Delete Large Files in iCloud Drive

It’s hard to know if you’re probably using too much iCloud Drive storage – it all depends on which iCloud-enabled apps you use and whether you store other files in iCloud Drive via Mac Finder or the Files app on iOS. But you don’t have to guess, thanks to free Mac apps that help you identify extra-large files and folders. Our favorites are Grand Perspective. Grand Perspective uses a graphical view so you can quickly see where your disk space is going, while opting for a classic text-based approach that gives you hard numbers. In, choose File > Check Folder and choose iCloud Drive from the sidebar of the Open dialog. choose File > Folder Size.

Delete old email from iCloud Mail

Any email you store on iCloud counts against your free storage space, so it might be worth deleting unwanted old messages (and their large attachments). To delete individual messages using Apple Mail, simply select them and click “Trash” button on the toolbar. However, some messages are much larger than others, and to find them, choose View > Sort By > Size. This brings the biggest news to the top. Of course, deleting messages usually just moves them to the Trash; To reclaim used space in iCloud, choose Mailbox > Delete Deleted Items > account name. Once you do that, the messages are gone forever

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