How to Increase RAM in a Windows PC with Hard Disk space – Guide

Sometimes it happens that your system is running slowly due to insufficient RAM memory to perform tasks. And then it gets really frustrating, especially when you are doing something important and you want a quick fix to this problem. Well, you will be happy to know that in such cases you can always use your PC’s hard drive and even a USB flash drive as virtual RAM. As a result, the computer uses the allocated space on the hard disk/pendrive to run as RAM and perform tasks with its memory. This will slightly increase the performance of your PC. So, if you want to follow this method, stay calm, because guide you through the whole process that will help you increase RAM using your hard drive.

How to Use an external hard drive as RAM

Your computer has two types of memory: physical memory and virtual memory. Physical memory refers to the RAM chips installed in your computer, while virtual memory is a reserved area of ​​the hard disk. Windows uses virtual memory to store data from programs that are open but not in use. To increase the amount of virtual memory on your computer, connect an external hard drive to your computer and configure Windows to use it as virtual memory.

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