How to Increase RAM In Windows 10 – Guide

Do you know the concept of virtual memory? Otherwise, this article about using virtual memory will be very helpful to increase computer performance. In this article, we will learn techniques about how to use Pendrive as RAM. RAM plays an important role in computer performance. If your computer is low on RAM, it is obvious that it is running slowly. If you are struggling with the issue that your computer is running slow, we have provided the solution to fix Windows 10, 8 and 7 slow. Solution Exist introduces the concept of virtual memory. This means that you can increase working memory by using a USB stick as virtual memory. So, to increase working memory, you don’t need to buy expensive working memory in the market. You can use your flash drive to increase working memory and speed up your computer.

How to Increase RAM in Windows 10

Use USB as Virtual RAM

ReadyBoost Method Technology

Disconnect the USB flash drive used for ReadyBoost

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