For those who use mobile phone, this is no longer an entirely new problem. The iPhone 6’s internal capacity is often quickly filled with apps, music, photos and videos. It may eventually run out of memory even with 128GB after a while. release, release up iPhone memory, some of you may decide to directly remove some data from the device. This, however, is not a wise choice. We mentioned below are the ways to increase iPhone storage.

Ways to Increase iPhone Storage

Using the USB drive

Investing in a USB drive that can be connected to your Apple device via the charging connector is the simplest way to increase your iPhone or iPad’s storage capacity. While locating USB drives that can connect to iPhones via the charging connector is simple, SanDisk’s iXPAND Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad, which comes in capacities of 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB, is a better-known brand. As you might expect, the only downside to this option is that the USB drive will take up the iPhone charging port.

Using the Wireless USB Drive

You can use wireless USB devices like the Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick which can connect to iPhone wirelessly if you don’t like the concept of a USB device being physically connected to your iPhone. A USB drive wirelessly broadcasts its SSID, similar to a router, allowing your iPhone or iPad to connect to it over a Wi-Fi network. While this seems to be the best choice for increasing iPhone storage space, one downside of this option is the high cost of wireless USB drives.

Using wireless hard drives

Using an external storage device that can wirelessly connect to both mobile phones and PCs is a simple way to increase your iPhone’s storage capacity. These wireless hard drives allow you to connect an iPhone, iPad or Mac to the hard drive over a Wi-Fi network because they broadcast their own Wi-Fi signals (like a router). While wireless storage devices are a wonderful choice for use in home or in the office, they are not suitable for carrying with an iPhone due to their lack of portability.

Using the cloud storage service

iCloud Photos stores your photos and videos in the cloud instead of your phone. So when your phone runs low on space, you can make room for new data. Just make sure iCloud is set up On your phone. iCloud keeps all your message history up to date and available on all your devices, even when you set up a new. And since your attachments are stored in iCloud, you can save storage space on your phone. Here it is how to Turn on Messages in iCloud:

Final Words

We hope you like our article about how to extend iPhone storage. The iPhone doesn’t have an expansion card slot, which can be a big problem for customers who don’t have an iPhone with a lot of storage. Also, it is a problem for people who have a bad habit of keeping a lot of data and apps. In these circumstances, users must delete their data to free up space on their mobile devices. Occasionally, you may not be able to delete essential data from your iPhone.

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