How to Insert a Drop Cap in Google Docs – Guide

Drop Cap is a nice design. They can be found in books and newspapers. This post is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to do a capitulation in Google Docs. The drop cap is the initial letter of a text that looks large and fills two to three sentences. It is often capitalized and appears larger than the rest of the alphabets in the sentence or paragraph. Google Docs, like Microsoft Word, does not have a drop cap function. We can, however, generate them and make our documents look decent with some tricks. Let’s take a look how to do a capitulation in Google Docs.

How to create a drop cap in Google Docs

Creating a capitulation in Google Docs is an easy process. Open a new Google Doc, then: Let’s dive into the process and create a rendition. In the new Google Docs document, click Insert, select Drawing and then New to create and insert a new drawing. A new pop-up will open. Click Actions and select Word art to create a drop cap. After selecting Word art, type the first letter you want to create a drop cap and press Enter. You will then see the preview of the letter you created using Word art in the pop-upup. Edit your font, colors, etc., and click Save and Close. The letter will now be inserted into the document. now you need wrap the text around it to make it look like a drop cap. To do this, click on the card to see the options related to it. click on the Wrap text icon in text options. Now you can type the text around it and it will look like a drop cap.

Final note

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