How to Insert a MS Word File into other Word Document – Guide

Did you know that it is possible to insert a Word document into another Word document? Yes, it is perfectly possible and not difficult to do. Most people are more inclined to open the document, copy the content and paste it into another open Word document. This is not a wrong path, but we believe it takes longer from our point of view. The reality is that there is always the possibility of wanting to paste the contents of an entire Word document into another. There is a temptation to copy and paste when you want to paste a Word document into another Word document, but there is a better way to do it than copy and paste. The good thing is that Word now has a feature which allows you to insert Word documents into Word. There are several ways to consolidate two Word 2013 documents. Simple copy/paste or drag and drop functions quickly replicate text in another document, but do not create a connection between the two. Insert Word Object feature inserts text from another document and optionally links to the original file so that changes to the source document automatically appear in the copied destination file. You also have the option of adding a file icon that contains just a useful reference to the source file.

How to Insert an MS Word file into another Word document

Add a part of a document to a Word document

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