How to Insert a Pyramid in PowerPoint – Guide

Microsoft PowerPoint, often just called PowerPoint, is a software program developed by Microsoft for creating effective presentations. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite. The program includes slides and various tools such as word processing, drawing, graphics and outlines. Microsoft PowerPoint is a professional presentation program that allows the user to create a “presentation slide” that can be displayed on the computer screen through a projector connected to the computer. There are three main functions of the Microsoft PowerPoint window that you need to focus on when learning PowerPoint. Those features are the Microsoft Office button, the DeepL Access Toolbar and the Ribbon. Part of PowerPoint’s charm is its ability to use multiple graphics to illustrate points for the audience. A commonly used chart is the pyramid. It is often used in nutrition presentations. Here it is how to create a pyramid in Microsoft PowerPoint. have you ever imagined how to create a pyramid and insert it into your PowerPoint presentation document? Maybe not, but you should know how to do this so you don’t have difficulties when the time comes. The pyramid is often used in presentations on nutrition, health, etc. If this is the type of presentation you mostly deal with, read on to learn how to easily create and use pyramids in PowerPoint.

How to insert a pyramid in Microsoft PowerPoint

Insert a pyramid

Customizing your pyramid

You currently have a basic slide without any text or other information. That’s about to change. Once your SmartArt is inserted, you can modify the graphic using the SmartArt Design tool which is now in the PowerPoint menu bar. From here, you can change the layout, colors, and style of the interactive pyramid. Hover over the top options to preview your pyramid changes.

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