How to Insert a smart drawer and get auto sort feature on Android – Guide

One of the biggest things that separates Android from iOS is the app drawer. Instead of the operating system simply throwing all the app icons into a cluttered mess on the home screen, most can be stored in the app drawer, which is essentially very similar to the Windows Start menu. However, most launchers just sort the entries in the app drawer alphabetically or, at best, allow you to categorize apps and games manually. That’s why an app called Smart Launcher has gained popularity recently with over 10 million installs – it features an app drawer that analyzes your apps and usage data to automatically group apps into well-organized tabs. But now the developers of Smart Launcher have released their futuristic app drawer as a standalone product. That means you can keep your home screen exactly as it is and simply replace your app drawer with a better version that sorts your apps into groups automatically. The latest versions of Android list the most used apps at the top of the app drawer, making things easier. The new sorting options are great and give users a convenient way to find the apps they want to use. However, smart classification feature is not present in the previous version. So, if you are using an old version of Android, then you should trust a third-party app.

How to Insert a smart drawer and get automatic sorting feature on android

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