How to Insert and Remove a Signature in Office Files – Guide

Microsoft Office is one of the most used office tools on the planet. There are several applications in Microsoft Office that are used most of the time on workplaces and home PCs. The most used applications are Microsoft Word and Excel. It is used regularly for creating, altering and distributing files. A subscription in MS Office can change the overall value of your file.

Adding, Removing and Changing Signatures in Word Files

A digital signature is an encrypted electronic stamp that ensures that the information on the digital document belongs to the signer. It also ensures that the information has not changed during the transition. Before creating a digital signature, you must have a signing certificate. When you send a digitally signed document, you also send your certificate and a public key. This works as a guarantee that the document has not been altered during the transition. The certificate is usually valid for one year, although it depends on the issuing authority. To learn more about how to get a digital ID, you can check the document here. This is a guide to work with digital signatures in Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For Outlook you can check this guide on how to add a digital email signature in Outlook.

Sign with digital signature in Word

The mark for a digital signature is added at the bottom.

Remove Digital Signature in Word

Just right-click the signature line and click Remove signature.

Add Invisible Digital Signatures in Word

Invisible signatures protect the authenticity of a document. However, it makes the document read-only unless the signer makes the necessary changes.

Remove Invisible Digital Signatures in Word

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