How to Insert any application to right-click menu in Windows 10 PC – Guide

If you use a specific program very often, you might want an easier way to start the program. You can open the program with just two clicks. Having too many items in right-click menus can be particularly annoying, as you can’t use your mouse to scroll, you have to click the arrows at the top and bottom of the list, and we’re betting that at least one program your context menus enabled never use them. On the other hand, managing the context menu to your advantage can be a worthwhile tweak to your operating system, or at least getting rid of the useless stuff that third-party apps might have added there. Whenever you need to use the program, just right-click on an item in File Explorer and then click on the program name. By editing the Windows registry, you can add Open With for any application to the Windows desktop right-click context menu in Windows 10. Remember that various applications installed on your PC can change menu items in the menu of context. While it’s very useful when you want to perform different actions on a file or application, the context menu can be filled with so many options that you don’t even use it. However, you can customize it by removing, adding or renaming some of the context menu items in Windows 10.

How to Add any program to the right-click menu in Windows 10

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