How to Insert Contacts on iPhone’s Home Screen – Guide

Adding Contacts to Your iPhone home screen can be considered a modified but smarter version of creating an emergency contact list. When you add specific contacts to your Home screen, they appear as icons like any other application. By clicking on one of these icons, you will be able to contact the specified person without having to open their phone or the Contacts app and scroll through hundreds of contacts.

add contact to Home Screen on iPhone

However, children and seniors will find speed dialing in the form of contact shortcuts on iPhone. home screen when they need to call someone quickly in an emergency. We’ll start with Apple’s own solution first.

Use the Shortcuts app

You can do a lot of cool things with Siri shortcuts, like creating custom icons and playing YouTube videos in PIP. In addition to these complicated sets of actions, you can also create simple shortcuts to call your loved ones from iPhone. Home Screen.

Use the widget app to add a contact to Home Screen

Widgets have transformed the way users use their iPhones home screen. Ranging from purely cosmetic to feature-rich, there are widgets for every use case. You can install Contacts Widget to place one or more contacts in Home iPhone screen and call them with a single tap. The application is free and allows you to place two different contacts in the home screen. After that, you need to upgrade to the Pro version for $1.99.

Add people to your emergency contacts

Although it is not the same as putting contacts in home screen, it can still come in handy when you get into an emergency and want to get in touch with someone. Emergency SOS does not call your assigned contact, it sends your current location via SMS and contacts the emergency helpline number. If you haven’t defined up the emergency contact, do it now.

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