How to Insert Multi-Color Text in PowerPoint – Guide

While it’s important to choose the right fonts for your presentation, you can add a fun touch by using multiple colors for your text. How to add multicolored text to a slide in your PowerPoint presentation on a desktop. Just as you can emphasize text on a slide, you can also apply a multicolored effect to text and make it more attractive. Unfortunately, these customization options are only available in the desktop version of PowerPoint. Creating a compelling PowerPoint presentation isn’t just about designing and choosing the right font. You can also highlight your favorite fonts with various colors if that’s your thing. If you are interested, you will probably like this article. Choosing a good color for the text is important to make your PowerPoint presentation attractive in front of your employer or client. PowerPoint offers a variety of color options to make text attractive. This is quite surprising because nowadays many people use their Android and iOS tablets to create presentations.

How to add multicolored text in powerpoint

Change text color on a PPT slide! Learn how to add multicolored text to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to make it look attractive. Doing this task won’t take much time, especially if you’ve already created the presentation and just want to make a few edits here and there.

Open the PowerPoint application

The first thing you should do here is shoot up PowerPoint and from there you can load an already created presentation or a brand new one.

choose your slide

After opening PowerPoint, now it’s time to select the slide where you want to add colored texts. If you’re new to this program, look left to find your favorite slide.

On the slide, you’ll want to select the correct text, and from there, click on the Shape Format tab at the top.

Go to more gradient

OK, so after selecting the Shape Format tab, look on the Ribbon for the option that reads WorldArt Styles and make sure you choose Text Fill. Once you’ve done all that, go to the Gradient section in the drop-down menu and select More Gradient.

Click Gradient Fill

You should now see a section that appears on the right of the screen with a title that says Shape Format. In the Shape Format section, there are a few options to choose from, but avoid everything and select Gradient Fill.

After selecting Gradient Fill, the next step is to look at Type and choose from the four available options. They are Linear, Radial, Rectangular and Path. From there, go to Gradient Stops and make sure you click on the first pencil button located on the slider.

Choose your favorite color

The next thing you should do is choose a color. It can be any color, as long as it suits your style and needs. To do this, click on the color icon and immediately a drop-down menu will appear with a list of colors to choose from.

Final note

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