How to Insert Swipe Controls to YouTube Android App – Guide

As you’ve seen, Google has been dealing with remaking the YouTube app lately. After introducing a primitive dimming mode that people love nowadays, they are giving us another feature I’m discussing the ability to double double to jump no more than 10 seconds forward or backward, which is a great feature. However, couldn’t you like more to have the opportunity to swipe left or right to search forward or backward in the video, or swipe to control your device’s volume?

How to Insert swipe controls in the YouTube Android app

Install Youtube Swipe to Seek

To get started, go to the Download section in your Xposed Installer app and search for Youtube swipe to search and tap on the top result. From here, swipe to the Versions tab and click “Download” button next to the most recent entry. Within a few seconds, the Android installer interface should appear up, then tap “Install” on this screen. So once you have the module installed, make sure to activate and restart to wrap stuff up.

Swipe to fetch and change volume on YouTube videos

After rebooting, no further configuration is required. Just play any video on the official YouTube app and when you want to search for the video, just swipe left or right on the video to fast forward or rewind. When you do, you’ll see a toast message that tells you how far you’re jumping, so when you’ve found the perfect spot, just let go of the screen. Plus there’s one more bonus feature worth checking out, but this one only works in fullscreen mode, so either turn on your phone sideways or tap the full screen icon at the bottom right of the video. As long as you’re in full-screen mode, the seek gestures will still work the same, but now you can also adjust the volume with a tap. Just drag your finger up or down in the video to change the volume, you will see a freebie message confirming the new volume level.

Final note

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