How to Insert Watermark in Google Docs – Guide

Microsoft Word has a handy feature called “Insert Watermark” to help you simply insert any brand’s logo image or a text stamp that is faded into the reverse side of the content of each page of the document. A company policy may require its employees to watermark it to show if any documents are in draft form or if the document is confidential and not intended for external distribution.

Create a watermark image using Google Drawings

Since Google Docs does not allow you to create or add a watermark directly, you will need to create one. You can do this by creating a background image containing your watermark and then placing it behind the text. You can then apply the watermark image to each page of the Google Docs document by adding it to the document’s header or footer. While it is possible to create a watermark image using any image editing tool available, the easiest method is to use Google Drawings. You can normally access a limited version of this tool by pressing Insert > Drawing > New Drawing in Google Docs, but this will not allow you to change the transparency of the image. Instead, you will need to create it using the full Google Drawings tool.

Insert a watermark image

The Google Drawings tool allows you to create basic graphics, diagrams and images that you can use within other Google applications. Create a new Google Drawings drawing to get started. If you have a logo or other image that you would like to use as a watermark, click the “Image” icon in the menu bar or press Insert > Image. Choose the option “Load from computer” to load an image from your PC. You can also enter images from your Google Drive or Google Photos storage, from the web, or by searching through the built-in Google Image Search. Select one of these options to continue.

Insert watermark text

Alternatively, if you want to add text to your background image, click on the “Text Box” icon in the menu bar or press Insert > Text Box. Using the mouse, drag and drop to create a text box on the canvas. Once released, the flashing cursor will appear, allowing you to type or paste text. After adding the watermark text, select it and format it using the options in the menu bar. You may need to click More Than Three Points button to see all your options. You can change the font, text size, text emphasis, spacing, alignment and more – all typical text formatting options are available. Since there are no transparency options for text in Google Designs, you will need to choose a lighter text color (eg gray) to apply a similar effect.

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