Open-source software called Anaconda is used to coordinate scientific workflows in machine learning, data science, and other fields. It is a fully integrated Python environment that includes a huge selection of scientific packages to get your projects off the ground. Conda, a package and an environment manager included in Anaconda are used to separate projects using various Python or package versions. Additionally, it is used to install and remove packages from a specific project as well as update packages.  We have mentioned steps below to Install Anaconda on Ubuntu

Steps to Install Anaconda on Ubuntu

Download Anaconda

We must first download Anaconda’s most recent stable version. To get the most recent version of Anaconda, visit the download page at The Anaconda bash script can then be downloaded by connecting to your server as a sudo non-root user and changing to the /tmp directory. Next, use curl to download the link you copied from the Anaconda website:

Check the Integrity of the Installer Data

Run the Script

Finalize the Installation Process

Activate and Test Installation

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Install Anaconda on Ubuntu. More than 7,500 additional packages can be installed from the Anaconda repositories in addition to the 250 open-source data packages that are already included in the distribution. Additionally, it comes with the conda command-line tool and Anaconda Navigator, a desktop graphical user interface.

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