How to install and run iTunes on Chromebook – Guide

Lately, Chromebooks have been taking over classrooms across the US. Students will likely use an iPhone as their primary device along with their Chromebook. As a result, the incompatibility of ecosystems becomes a barrier between the two as they are by-products of two different companies, Google and Apple. Recently bought a Chromebook and found that you can’t install iTunes on your Chromebook? Well, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered. It is now possible to access your iTunes music library from your Chrome OS device, although you may find that there are some incompatibility issues between the Google and Apple ecosystems. While most American classrooms are full of Chromebooks, it is equally true that many users prefer the iPhone as their primary device. And ultimately, this leads to a mismatch between two different ecosystems created by Google and Apple. Developed by Apple Inc., iTunes is the default application for users to play music, watch movies, TV shows and do many other things on Mac computer. Don’t worry if you are using Windows OS, Apple also released a Windows version of iTunes; Users can easily download it from Microsoft Store or visit Apple’s website. Today’s topic is iTunes for Chromebook. Is the iTunes app also available for Chromebook users?

How to install iTunes on Chromebook

Run iTunes on Chromebook

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