How to Install and Setup Plex on Apple TV – Guide

Plex is a media streaming service that lets you stream media from your server anytime, anywhere. It can stream video, audio, photo, etc. on any of the available devices. You can find Plex as a dedicated app for Android, iOS, Apple TV and many other operating systems and devices. It has 100+ channels and you get the best viewing experience. It works well for streaming media from local network devices to smart devices like Apple TV. Plex is a feature-rich media player that can be accessed on devices listed in Apple OS. It was originally developed to allow its users to access and organize their own content. In other wordso Plex can handle local files like movies, photos and music in any format. Over time, it expanded its support to also access online content. So Apple TV users can ditch the cable TV connection and use Plex as an alternative to streaming content online. Plex for Apple TV also lets you stream music, podcasts, and more from multiple sources. It brings recommended songs based on your interest. Plex users get support for accessing variable playback speed, skipping 30 seconds, etc. Others free features of the Plex Apple TV app include remote access, streaming, sharing and more. Subscribe to Plex Pass to access live DVR and TV, premium photos, Mobile Sync, VIP perks, parental controls and more.

How to Install Plex on Apple TV

Plex is officially available for Apple TV and the installation steps will be relatively simple. However, you need to take different steps to install the Plex app on a different generation of Apple TV. Enter the section below to learn more details about the procedure to install Plex on Apple TV:

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