How to Install and Uninstall Extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser – Guide

One of the best things about Google Chrome is its robust extension catalog. The new version of Microsoft’s Edge browser, which has just been released for Windows 10, macOS and mobile devices, is based on the same codebase as Chromium and can also access the Chrome Web Store. This means that it supports the same huge range of extensions, in addition to the relatively limited range of native Microsoft extensions available in its store. In this article I will show you how to find and install extensions in Edge and finally set them up with Chrome extensions. Gaining access to Chrome extensions requires some additional steps. But overall, this is a simple and quick operation that will help make Microsoft’s improved browser home that is, if Google Chrome is where you browse most of the time. Windows 10 introduces a new border extension feature in its Anniversary Update, available browser extensions can be installed from the store as needed. It is added to customize Microsoft Edge and add new features. There are several methods by which these extensions can be installed and uninstalled. These techniques are described in detail below.

How to Install and uninstall extensions in Microsoft Edge browser

Adding and Removing Extensions Through Microsoft Edge

The steps to add an extension to Microsoft Edge are given below. Add extension: You may see an error when trying to install the extension. Many users see a message saying “a problem has occurred” and the error message instructs them to reinstall the extension. When reinstalling the extension, the same message appears and users keep walking in a circle. If you see a message like this, follow the steps below:

remove extension

Now, to remove a Microsoft edge extension, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

Uninstalling Edge Extensions Using PowerShell

It is possible that sometimes the Microsoft Edge browser will not start for whatever reason; in that case, you can use the Windows PowerShell application to uninstall a Microsoft Edge extension. This method is a bit difficult for a layman as it includes writing different sets of commands in PowerShell. However, following the instructions given below will make this task much easier.

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