How to Install Docker on Fedora Linux – Guide

Docker is a tool that allows software to run in a container. It’s a great way for developers and users to worry less about operating system compatibility and dependencies, as the included software should run identically on any system. Docker is available for download and installation on Fedora and most other Linux distributions. However, installing on Fedora can be a bit tricky as Red Hat does not natively support Docker in their distributions. Instead, Red Hat supports Podman, an alternative to Docker. This makes installing Docker a little more difficult, but it is still possible to install Docker on Fedora. In this article, we will show you how to install Docker on Fedora and start installing containerized software. After installing Docker, you can use it to install software packages in the same way you would use your distribution’s package manager to download an application. The difference with using Docker is that everything is automated and compatibility and dependencies are no longer potential issues.

How to Install Docker on Fedora Linux


For standard installation, Docker required a 64-bit OS with Kernel version >= 3.10. Older Kernel versions have some missing requirements to run all features from Docker.

Enable DNF repository

Let’s add the official Docker yum repository to your system. Also, update the package metadata cache.

Install Docker on Fedora

Now install the docker community edition package to install docker on your system. This installs many of the necessary decencies on your system. After successful installation of the Docker engine, let’s enable and start the docker service.

Final note

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