How to Install F4M Tester Addon with Smash Repository – Guide

Streaming on Kodi with live TV Kodi addons is a lot of fun, but there are some addons that are active on the backend and offer some decoding protocols. Kodi F4M Tester addon It serves as a key role for many of the live TV streaming add-ons due to its high decoding protocol service. When installing F4M Tester, live TV add-ons are automatically supported. You can stream the content you want through F4M Tester Kodi addon. F4M Tester is automatically installed with a variety of add-ons and is also available for self-installation. F4M Tester decodes the F4M manifest files, taking the live stream file that Kodi plays from the F4M files. Various bitrates can be configured through different stream files, which can be generated depending on the internet speed or quality set. This article describes the steps to install F4M Tester Kodi addon. Let’s start.

How to Install the F4M Tester Addon with the Smash repository

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