How to Install Final Version – Guide

The new version of Windows, the new Windows 11, should be released on October 5th, after months of testing. However, if you want to try the new features without waiting until the release date, you can download the Release Preview version on Windows 10 now using the Windows Insider program. This preview version is the final Windows version 11, an ISO 22000.194 build that can be installed cleanly by downloading it from the Windows Insider website. Before installing, users should remember that modifying the current Windows configuration on their PCs can negatively impact user data. As a precaution, it is recommended that you come back up all data before proceeding to install the new configuration.


When this is done, you will be on the final Windows version 11. To unregister your PC so that it does not receive Windows 11 preview updates, go to Settings > Windows Update. Select the “Stop getting preview builds” option. This will ensure your PC stays powered on final Windows version 11.

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