How to install Genesis Reborn Addon – Guide

So if you are a Kodi user and want to know how to install Genesis Reborn Kodi addon, continue reading this article. Below we share the step by step guide to easily install Genesis Reborn on Kodi. Kodi is used by millions of users and add-ons play an essential role in Kodi. For streaming videos on Kodi, there are many add-ons available on the internet, but Genesis Reborn is personally my favorite and maybe yours too. If you want to watch free movies, TV shows, cartoons, TV series, etc., you can do it all with the help of Genesis Reborn Kodi addon. This one guide will help you to install Genesis Reborn addon on Kodi, but if you’re new to this addon and don’t know much about it so read below we explain what Genesis Reborn is and when you are done with Genesis Reborn you can scroll this manual to know its features and then you can scroll down to download and install aside. This one addon used to be pretty smooth and fast, people really like to use it addon as your default video streaming addon on Kodi but now the performance is not what it used to be before but still better than other addons.

Installing the Genesis add-on

Final note

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