Hyper Terminal is a great tool that lets you install different themes and plugins to completely change the look of your terminal. He has a number of features, including many fonts, numerous style variations, and much more. A cross-platform terminal emulator called Hyper was developed using web technologies. It is built specifically using the Electron framework and contains JavaScript, HTML, CSS and NodeJS as its constituent parts. Being created in Electron, we can anticipate moderate consumption of resources in exchange for complete integration with the desktop environment and ease of recompilation for developers. The aim of the project is to provide a user interface for command line interface users that is attractive and adaptable and based on open web standards. You can therefore customize it and make it your own with just a little bit of web experience. We have mentioned the steps below to Install Hyper Terminal application on Ubuntu

Steps to Install Hyper Terminal Application in Ubuntu

update your system

First, run the system update command to ensure all packages on your Ubuntu 22.04 are up Until the present date. To do this, just follow the command given in your terminal.

Download Hyper

Hyper Terminal is not available to install using Ubuntu 22.04’s default system repository, so we need to download its Debian binary manually. To do this, in your existing terminal application, run the given command:

Install Hyper Terminal on Ubuntu 22.04

We will then use the downloaded deb binary to install the Hyper Terminal application on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For this, we can use the DPKG tool.

Run Hyper terminal application

Go to the Ubuntu 22.04 program launcher after performing the tasks mentioned above and look for Hyper Terminal there. You’ll soon find this app in the search results; to launch it, click on the Hyper Terminal icon.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to Install the Hyper Terminal application on Ubuntu. The main component of Linux distributions is the terminal. For command line operations it is used. Hyper terminal modifies the appearance of the terminal and is a CSS and HTML based terminal. It’s an open source tool that lets you add different themes and plugins to customize the appearance of your terminal. to the best features are offered by Hyper Terminal, including the latest channels, font size, font color, letter spacing, etc.

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