How to Install Indigo Kodi Addon – Guide

Indigo is a maintenance tool focused on diagnostics and repair tools to keep your Kodi app in a healthy state. Plus, you can browse and download other popular add-ons quickly and easily. You can find various repair tools like setup wizard, addon installer, log viewer, maintenance tools, factory reset, network speed test, system information, backup/restore and more. Kodi is an excellent media center app that lets you use your entire media library. There are many feature- Rich add-ons and builds to stream all your favorite titles. Kodi addons are not just for streaming purposes. They can be used to fix issues like buffering, crashing, error messages, etc. Indigo Kodi addon is one of those repair tools that keep the Kodi app in a healthy state. See this section for more details on features and installation. Indigo is one of the best Kodi addons that you can use for basic purposes. In others words, it is used as a maintenance tool to solve various problems. It has many diagnostic and repair tools and ensures that Kodi performs at its best. the indigo addon allows you to fix many technical problems. It performs tasks like clearing cache, managing logs, setup wizard, factory reset, etc.

How to Install Indigo Kodi Addon

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