How To Install Magisk and Root Android device – Guide

If you’ve ever thought about rooting your phone or modify certain aspects of it, chances are you’ve heard of Magisk. But what is Magisk? Magisk is a tool that can be used to get root access on your device, similar to SuperSU, but not limited to just that. Developed by topjohnwu, Senior Developer Recognized in XDA Forums, Magisk is a portal that allows all kinds of modifications to your Android phone. There are several Magisk Modules that you can install on your phone for different purposes. There are modules for themes, ad blockers, enabling Camera2API, and many other system-level modifications that you cannot do otherwise. If you are an advanced user and want to extend the functionality of your phone and push it to the limit, you need to try Magisk. If all this sounds like fun to you, we’ll show you How to install Magisk on your Android device to customize it and do things you never thought to do on yours. phone.

How to Install Magisk Device and Root Android

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