This will display a collection of emoticons that have been categorised. On iOS, emotive images, animals/creatures, food, sports/activities, moving vehicles, technology/equipment, hearts/symbols, and flags are shown in that order, starting with your most recently used emoticons. The categorization is poorly organised and a little muddled. Since the Unicode Consortium frequently adds new ones, they also change over time. You don’t need to look for the Unicode-approved set of emojis separately because Google includes it with software updates for Android phones.  However, some Android phones are left behind with outdated emojis because it takes time for these updates to reach all Android phones. Another way to differentiate what’s available on your phone from what’s available on your friend’s phone is that some OEMs replace the standard Android emoji set with their own version. The emojis that are available on your Android phone can be changed, though. It’s not as simple as downloading a new software update, but it is possible to obtain an alternative set of emojis to those included with your phone. We have mentioned steps below to Install New Emojis On Android

Ways To Install New Emojis On Android

Using Font Editor

Update to the Latest Android Version

Use Emoji Kitchen

Make Your Own Custom Emoji

Final Words

We’ve all experienced a time when using acronyms and abbreviations to express certain feelings was commonplace. There are many emojis available today to spice up electronic messages. We now have avatars that represent ourselves in social networking and instant messaging platforms in addition to emojis. Emojis will be discussed in this article, along with instructions on how to add new ones to an Android phone. we hope you understand this article, How To Install New Emojis On Android.

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