How to Install Nvidia GeForce Now for Android Device – Guide

Before we start, let me tell you if you are from the US or Europe, you can easily run GeForce Now on your Android TV without any hacky solutions. However, if you belong to a region where GeForce Now has not yet arrived, you will need a VPN. Don’t worry, VPN is only needed for authentication and not during game play. First, download the GeForce Now APK for your smartphone or computer here. The APK is designed for Android smartphones, but it works surprisingly well on Android TV. FYI, GFN also works in unsupported regions with the help of a VPN. So we thought why not try using GeForce Now on a much bigger screen, say Android TV? Well we did and the cloud gaming experience on Android TV is top notch. You can play desktop-level games on your TV and all you need is a fast internet connection.

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