How to Install or Activate YouTube TV on Apple TV – Guide

The third generation Apple TV is quite old, with its launch in 2012 almost a decade ago. The platform does not run on tvOS and does not offer an app store. This makes it nearly impossible for video content providers to continue supporting them as they cannot release significant updates. YouTube is just the latest victim of the devaluation. When trying to launch YouTube on Apple TV 3rd generation in the future, the error message suggests that users can still view YouTube videos on their Apple TV 3rd generation via AirPlay. This is an alternative, although it requires the use of a second phone or tablet to work with Apple TV, which is used only as a wireless video output. Apple, of course, wants you to upgrade from the third-gen box to one of its latest models, Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD. Despite sharing the same name, these devices run on a completely different operating system, support all the latest video services, and have an app store where companies like YouTube or Netflix can release ongoing updates. The latest Apple TVs also support much more than just streaming video, with an ecosystem of Apple Arcade games, Apple Fitness + Workouts and the like. Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K don’t come cheap: prices start at $149.

How to Install YouTube TV on Apple TV

In case you don’t have any Youtube TV account before, consider the following steps:

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