How to Install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu 22.04 | 20.04 – Guide

Sublime Text is a fast, reliable and versatile shareware source code editor used by many front-end and back-end web developers around the world. The vanilla editor can be customized and customized with hundreds of plugins available on the web. It supports over 20 programming languages ​​including C++, Ruby, Python and Java. For its speed, speed and intuitive IDE, Sublime Text 3 has everything that every application developer should at least try. Sublime Text is a popular text and source code editor for web and software development. It is very fast and has many powerful features ready to use. The app can be enhanced and customized by installing new plugins and creating custom settings. This article explains how to install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu 20.04. Installing Sublime on Ubuntu is very easy. We activate the Sublime repository, import the GPG key from the repository and install the editor. The same instructions should work on any other Debian-based distribution. Sublime Text is a proprietary application. It can be downloaded and evaluated for free. However, you need to buy a license if you use it continuously.

Installing Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu 22.04/20.04

Perform the following steps as root or user with sudo privileges to install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu: That’s it, you’ve installed Sublime Text 3 on your Ubuntu 20.04 desktop and you can start using it. When a new version is released, you can update the Sublime package through the standard desktop software update tool.

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