How to install Telegram app on Fedora Linux – Guide

Here we are using Fedora 34 Linux for install the Telegram app, however, the steps will be the same for older versions such as Fedora 33, 32, 31, 30, 29 Telegram is a popular chat application that uses the Internet to send messages and share media files. comes with many features and better security options than WhatsApp. So, if you already have the Telegram app on your smartphone and want to access your chats and media files directly on the Desktop; then we can install Telegram Desktop application on Linux, Windows and macOS easily. We have already written a few articles on this subject, so if you are a user of a Debian based system like Ubuntu whereas for fedora users, the data below steps will work perfectly fine.

Installing Telegram on Fedora Linux

#Ist Method using Tarball file

Perform system update

Use the DNF package manager and run the system update command to make sure all packages are up so far, including repo cache. sudo dnf update

Download the Telegram Tar File

Go to the official Telegram download page and get the Tar file designed to install this chat app on Fedora and other Linux. Alternatively, you can also use this Telegram for Linux.

Now extract the contents of the downloaded Telegram Tar file and save it in a safe place like in /choose directory. cd downloads tar -xvf tsetup.3.0.1.tar.xz sudo mv Telegram / / opt Now to run the application: /opt/Telegram/./Telegram After that you will have a Telegram shortcut in Application Launcher.

Optional – to remove or uninstall

sudo rm -r / opt / Telegram / #2 Method using Snap

Fedora 34 Snap-on Configuration

Fedora doesn’t come with Snap by default, so we first need to install it on our system. Then we can install Telegram through the Snapcraft repository sudo dnf install snapd sudo ln -s / var / lib / snapd / snap / snap

Install the Telegram Desktop Messenger application

Once we have Snap, then we just need to run a single command to set up Telegram in all active Fedora releases, including 34. sudo snap install telegram-desktop #3 method using FlatPak Well, those who don’t want to use any of the methods provided above can go to “Flatpak“Like Snap, it’s also very simple to use. Follow the steps provided below.

Open Telegram Flatpak – Linux

Wait a few seconds, then click the “Install” button. That’s it. You will have your Telegram Desktop Messenger on your Fedora 34.

Final note

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