How to Install UKTV Play Kodi Addon – Guide

British television production definitely transcends its weight. Despite the modest size of the UK market, it produces an incredible range of quality programming across all genres. Numerous British shows attract viewers from all over the world, with everything from fantasy dramas to nature documentaries attracting large audiences. These programs are usually shown on UK television first before the rights are sold to foreign broadcasters. This could mean users outside the UK have to wait months for the latest installment of their favorite shows. In the UK, the public faces different challenges. While there are still five free terrestrial channels and several free satellite and cable channels, many of the big shows are produced by channels that require expensive monthly subscriptions. It is beyond the financial reach of many. No wonder Kodi addons that allow users to stream UK TV channels are very popular and UKTV Play is one of the best. When using any Kodi addon it is always recommended to use a VPN. In fact, while Kodi itself is 100% legal, there are unofficial add-ons that allow users to access content that is not. Some users have faced legal advice and even more lawsuits due to its use. However, a VPN can protect you from these effects as it makes you anonymous online and encrypts all your data online.

How to Install UKTV Play

The UKTV play addon it’s an unofficial addon and therefore will not be available in the official Kodi repository. However, it is a relatively simple process to download and install it. Just follow this simple step by step guide to get the UKTV game up and running:

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