How to install Xposed Framework on Android Pie – Guide

Xposed Framework is a great tool to modify your Android OS as long as your device is rooted. The framework supports modules called Xposed Modules that can run their own method to modify Android system files the way you want. Xposed Repository has a plethora of modules where you can browse through various modules depending on your demands. Xposed Framework for Android Pie is now available for download and installation via the unofficial channel. Android 9.0 Pie comes with API level 28 (SDK 28) which is completely new to the market. So it might take a few more months to get the official SDK 28 package from the Xposed team.

How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Pie

Installation of Xposed Framework is only possible under Rooted phones either it’s Pie or any other version of Android. Read the prerequisite first and then follow the steps carefully.

Install Xposed on Pie

Here it is. In this way, you can successfully install Xposed Framework on your Android 9 Pie phone. if you want to know how to install Modules in Xposed Framework and follow the instructions guide below.

How to Install modules in the Xposed Framework

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