Guide: How to Know The Screen Time on Any Device

Trying to keep an eye on screen time on different devices? Screen time is the amount of time you spend on your mobile device. You can monitor and manage the time you spend with your device on different devices. As a parent, you can see how long your kids play games or watch content on the device. This guide helps you check screen time on different devices. Checking screen time plays an important role in some people’s daily lives. It’s pretty hard to stay away from the screens and you don’t know how much time you spend on your mobile every day.

Check Screen Time on iOS

Smartphones and others mobile Gadgets are a central part of most people’s daily routine, if not an integral part of it. Whether you’re emailing, texting, streaming movies, chatting on WhatsApp or live streaming on Facebook, or editing your photos with cool filters, it can be hard to stay away from screens, and worse, don’t know how much of your time it consumes every day. Fortunately, Screen Time is the native tool for your iOS device that allows you to monitor how much time you spend on your iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps to check your Screen Time on an iPhone or other iOS devices: The same steps apply to your iPad to view your Screen Time. Once you’ve set it up, Family Sharing allows you to view screen time reports and adjust settings from your device. On your iOS device, you can view detailed reports on how you use your device, the apps you open, and the websites you visit by going to Settings> Screen Time> All Activity below the graph. If you Share With different devices, you can also view usage on all devices that you have signed in with your Apple ID and password, if you have multiple devices.

Check Screen Time on Android

Unlike iOS devices whose users can easily check their screen time through the built-in computer feature We described above that Android users should take a different route, but still be able to see their usage. Use the steps below to check screen time usage on Android for various apps and other services (for this guide, we used a Samsung S8 + with Android Pie). You will see a list of the apps you have used on the right, the total number of active hours or minutes, the total battery usage in percentages on the right, and the amount of time the app has been running in the background for the current day or the entire day. week.

Check Screen Time on Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can check screen time through the Family Safety settings. It is especially useful if you have children and want to monitor and manage their activities and the time you spend on the computer. The tool was introduced by Microsoft to give parents control over what their children or family members can do and use on Windows 10 computers. It’s an improvement over Windows 7 Parental Controls, which managed the experience locally. It provides a seamless way to manage your children’s safety on the computer and online through Microsoft Accounts. You can view activity reports, view the websites visited, view games and apps that are accessible and control when your device is in use. You can even block an account. Here is how to set up and check screen time in Windows: Go to the email account you just created, accept the invitation and click Sign Up and Join. That will load the activity page from which you can click Screen Time to see how much time has been spent on apps, games and other activities on your computer.

Check Screen Time on Mac

As with iOS devices, Screen Time feature is also native for Mac computers and you can check app usage or limits, received notifications and even the number of times you chose up your iPhone or iPad and the app you opened first. Here are the steps to take to check Screen Time on your Mac: You can also see the usage data of all other devices with your Apple ID and password by selecting Share on different devices and enabling the same setting on the other Apple devices.

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