How to Launch Google Assistant by Tapping at Back of the Phone – Guide

Apple presented a feature called “Back Tap” with iOS 14 update that allows iPhone users to launch Google Assistant on their device and other apps by tapping two or three times on the back of the device. O feature it’s generally nice and allows quicker access to the app and information about Google Assistants, and the Android community liked that. You can now activate and use Back Tap feature on any Android device. the touch back feature was discovered in Android 11 Developer Preview builds on Pixel devices – Google literally tested Back Tap feature on Pixel devices, but the feature did not enter the final Ramp up. However, Android users can still enable Back Tap feature on their devices using an app called Tap, Tap. Tap Tap app is a double tap/back tap port feature. It allows Android users running Android 7 and up to double tap the back of the device to launch Google Assistant and any other apps assigned to that function. The app was developed by developer Xda Quinny899 and is currently in beta. This means that you may encounter some bugs, but if you understand this, go to the installation article below.

How to Launch Google Assistant by tapping the back of the Phone

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