How to Leave all Facebook Groups at Once – Guide

If you get a lot of unnecessary notifications from Facebook groups, you can always go to any of the groups and manually turn off notifications or leave the group. However, this process can take a long time if you have participated in a large number of groups. Fortunately, there is a central location where each of these tasks can be easily completed. Social Media Cleaner is a free browser extension that can help you out of multiple groups with one click. Make sure you have Social Media Cleaner installed on your Chrome browser, otherwise use the download button below to download the software for free. We can log out of several Facebook groups at once using a free Chrome extension called Social Media Cleaner.

Steps to Leave All Facebook Groups at Once

The method is quite simple and you will need a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to log out of all your Facebook groups in a single click. And you must visit each post to like it in your post feeds. So, follow a few simple steps below to proceed.

Get Social Media Toolkit for Facebook Premium for free

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