How to Limit Background Noise in Voice Memos for iOS – Guide

Voice memos on iPhone is a popular recording application for many users. Whether you’re recording important presentations, taking notes for a meeting, or documenting fleeting thoughts, they’re useful in every situation. With iOS 14, your favorite voice memo app is updated. Of course, the update wasn’t mentioned at Apple’s WWDC talk when iOS 14 was announced because it’s small compared to many other OS changes. In addition to the smart folders and folders introduced in voice memos, one big change is the recording enhancement. Now you can enhance your recordings to remove background noise and reverb with a single tap. Open the Voice Memos app and tap the recording you want to improve. Some options are expanded below.

Remove background noise from audio using voice memos

The voice memo app on iPhone has a new feature with the iOS 14 update that will help you improve your sound. Apple offers to improve voice memos recorded on iPhone. It’s with the new feature to remove background noise. How to remove audio background noise on iPhone using the Voice Memo app. You can remove speech reduction from any recording in the Voice Notes application. Apple calls it feature “Enhancement” and noise reduction is just one of its features. Although noise reduction isn’t perfect, you can use it if you want to remove small hissing noises from your recording. If you don’t have the latest iOS 14 update, you can use third-party apps to remove iPhone background noise.

Use 3rd Party Noise Reduction Apps on iPhone

The New Voice Annotation Enhancement feature is now only available on iOS 14 and later. Are you using an iPhone with an older iOS? It may be necessary to use third-party noise canceling applications. There are many apps to remove background noise from iPhone audio if you are using older iOS versions. Here are some of the best speech noise reduction apps for iPhone. Denoise is a paid app on the App Store that allows you to reduce audio noise in any audio file. Denoise allows you to manually select the amount of noise and remove the appropriate noise from the rest of the audio. You can even remove audio noise from videos using the Denoise app on iPhone. The app offers professional audio recording on iPhone, even without a microphone. AudioFix is ​​a quick tool to reduce audio noise for videos only. The app contained several sound models. You can add video and choose sound type. It can correct audio regardless of whether noise interferes with audio quality. The app can remove audio noise from any video in no time. Mauvio is a simple audio cleaner app for iPhone users. As the name suggests, Mauvio can clean the sound while reducing noise reduction. Various language filters are available for professional audio recording and streaming. It can also deepen, shape and amplify your voice with the simple touch of a button.

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