Chromecast, Android TV, Google TV with Chromecast, Google Home and some large-screen displays work well with Google Assistant. It lets you use your voice to watch content, play movies and TV shows, and control playback without a remote. Here it is how to Link your Disney Plus account to Google Assistant for easy-access voice control. Disney+ now supports Google Assistant voice control on smart displays like the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Here’s everything you need to know. To start using Google Assistant commands with Disney+ on your smart display, you will need to link your Disney+ subscription to your Google Home or Google Assistant app. Once that’s done, just say something like “Hey Google, play Togo” or “Hey Google, play The Mandalorian”. This article explains how to connect Disney Plus to a Google Home device like the Google Nest Hub. As long as you have a screen on your Google Home, you can watch your favorite shows like Mandalorian and Loki.

This process is very simple to follow on Android. By having Disney+ linked to Google Assistant, it will be possible to control the playback of content on the streaming platform using the assistant. Also, this is something you’ll be able to do on all kinds of devices, like your phone, Google Nest speakers, Chromecast or Android TV. To have these two services linked, you must follow these steps.

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