How to Lock Android Apps On Samsung Smartphones? – Guide

Smartphones have evolved into more than just communication devices. These handheld devices allow you to perform tasks that were previously possible only through bug computing devices, including laptops and PCs. Samsung is one of the popular names when it comes to high-end smartphones and it’s not Chinese. Samsung currently uses Android mobile operating system to drive your devices. All of the company’s offerings, whether they are cost-effective or premium devices, are powered by Google’s Android operating system. However, Samsung wraps a layer of its custom One UI skin that adds the company’s own set of customizations and themes to the devices. Privacy has been an important factor for all users, whether it’s a smartphone of any brand. And Samsung, like other companies, has focused on improving user security.

How to put a password on individual apps

The secret to blocking individual apps on Android is other apps. Third-party app blocking apps can be obtained from the Google Play Store and can be used to generate passwords or patterns that you must enter before accessing a specific app. The most recommended lock application for this purpose is AppLock. There are a few apps called AppLock on the Google Play Store, and you’d be fine with most of them, but the one we’ve seen most often, and like the best, is the free AppLock made by DoMobile Lab. We like AppLock because, in addition to a password, it can enable fingerprint lock as a way to protect individual apps. It also offers a cleanser that can release up storage space in your phone. There’s a battery saver that can help you save energy and extend battery life, a cooler to keep your phoneCPU at a safe temperature, and a booster to improve your phone’s speed.

Other Android Security features to use

There are some other Android features you can use it to protect apps with lots of personal data stored in them, as well as protect your phone general. The first is Screen Pinning, and the other is available on Samsung Android phones, is a secure folder.

screen fixation

With screen pinning, you can lock your phone screen from a specific app. If there is any attempt to exit the app or close it, your lock screen will be activated. For example, if a thief or eavesdropper goes straight to your banking app, screen pinning will not allow them to access other apps. Just make sure you stay logged out of the banking app when you’re not using it. Note: There are many types of Androids and the instructions may be different for your device. The screen fixture can also be used to maintain your phone in a game specific to kids, so they can’t click outside the app. To release an app, tap “Back” (the triangle icon) and “Overview” simultaneously, then enter your PIN.

Secure Folder

Secure folder is a feature at Samsung phones which allows you to place applications in a virtual folder that can be locked. You can lock with a password, a PIN, an entire password or even your fingerprint or iris. To put apps in a secure folder on your Samsung Android phone:

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