How to Lock Face­book Pro­file – Guide

As the biggest social network on the planet, Facebook is not an exceptionally private place. From photos to names closer to home data as phone numbers, locations and email addresses from time to time are accessible to everyone at the entrance. While the goal is to get individuals to stay in touch, it has left some big privacy holes in the system. Facebook offers a device that allows these people to block their Facebook profiles. Blocking a profile prevents strangers from seeing data about you, including the About page, photos, stories, and new posts as events progress. All “public” updates to a blocked profile must be seen by the people following the individual. Considering that blocking a profile is something that most users will use, given the lack of privacy in a connected world, let’s give it a little bit by bit guide about How to block your facebook profile and get rid of stalkers.

Block Facebook profile via desktop

While there is no direct way to block your app in the browser, there is a workaround you can use if you don’t have access to mobile application: iOS users can use the desktop workaround to lock their profiles or borrow an Android device and follow the steps mentioned. If you want to unlock your Facebook profile, the steps are the same in both mobile application and desktop. In place of the Lock Profile option, you will now see an Unlock Profile option, tap it and click Unlock on the next screen. You will see a summary of how unlocking your profile works and an option to unlock your profile at the bottom, click on it and your profile will be unlocked.

Final note

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