With your Apple ID, you can easily sync all your notes thanks to the software that comes pre-installed on iOS devices. You’ll want an added layer of security against prying eyes if you’re keeping a journal or tracking more private information in Notes. On your Apple iPhone, you presumably have a passcode or Face ID, but did you know that your notes can also be passcode locked? At its WWDC22 keynote, Apple unveiled the next round of software updates for all its products, including iOS 16 for the iPhone. iOS 16 is a huge step forward, similar to iOS 14, which goes even further in terms of customization, while iOS 14 went more to fine-tune the foundation. However, it also offers a number of additional positive quality-of-life improvements that are often valued. We have mentioned below the steps to lock notes with passcode on iOS 16.

Steps to Lock Notes with Passcode in iOS 16

Changing the Notes application method

Step 1: First, head to notes appbe from home screen or your device’s application library. Step 2: After that, to browse to the note you want to lock. Step 3: Now tap the ‘Ellipse‘ icon (three horizontal dots) icon, and then tap the ‘ iconTo lock🇧🇷 button to continue. Step 4: If you are locking a note for the first time since updating to iOS 16, an overlay screen will appear with the message “Switch to device password for your locked notes🇧🇷 Touch ‘Use iPhone passcode‘ to make the switch. Step 5: If you have never previously locked your notes using passcode, you can immediately use iPhone passcode to lock your notes. Otherwise, a prompt will appear asking you to enter the password you used to lock your notes earlier to change the lock method. Enter your old Notes password and tap ‘OK‘ Continue. Step 6: On the next screen, enter your iPhone password to use it to lock your notes. Step 7: Touch ‘Turn on Face ID‘ (or Touch ID, depending on your iPhone) at the prompt at the bottom and authenticate to use it. Step 8: This note and your previous locked notes will be locked using iPhone passcode from now on, eliminating the need to remember a separate passcode. Or tap the ‘to lock‘ to lock the note immediately or you can also press the lock key on your iPhone to lock the note (and your phone🇧🇷 Step 9: All the notes that requires a password to view they will be preceded by a small lock icon.

Changing method in settings

Step 1: open the settings app on your iPhone and scroll down and tap ‘Notes’. Step 2: Then tap on the option ‘Password🇧🇷 Step 3: Now, select the account you want to change the input method (if you have more than one). Step 4: Finally, tap ‘Use Device Password‘ to select it. You will be asked to enter your old Notes passcode and iPhone passcode to complete the authentication.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to lock notes with password on iOS 16. As the app is currently in a public beta, the new iOS 16 operating system for iPhone will be available in the coming months. It comes with a brand new tone features and capabilities, from customization to security. Almost all original programs in iOS 16 have new ones features, and Notes is no exception. The company has made it possible for the Notes app to lock specific notes with a password. This password can be the device password or a different user-created password.

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