How to Lock WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal with Face ID on iPhone – Guide

Want to keep your Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal chats safe and secure? Maybe if you let someone temporarily use or borrow your iPhone, you don’t need someone snooping around your Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal messages? In case you are concerned about this, you might be interested in locking the app with a passcode and therefore using Face ID or Touch ID to open your chats with the device. As we probably know, the Telegram, WhatsApp, and Signal apps are probably the best-known privacy-focused messaging apps on the App Store, with over 500 million customers at all stages. Although your messages are being encrypted slowly and cannot be intercepted by anyone, nothing prevents your friend or relative from opening the app on their iPhone open and quickly browsing through all your conversations with the chance to have your gadget. This can happen when you lend someone your phone to make a decision about phone, watch a video, search the web or whatever. Fortunately, as an extra security measure, these popular messaging apps offer a password lock. feature which blocks the application after a certain period of time. If you use these apps on your iPhone, you might be interested in this protection feature.

How to Block Your WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal Using Face ID on iPhone

Setting a face lock for your messaging app is not a difficult thing to do. Also, once you set FaceID for these apps, it will automatically improve and adapt to small changes like pimples, hairstyle change and so on. So you don’t have to worry about changing it often.

Block/Unblock WhatsApp using Face ID on iPhone

That’s it. We recommend that you use the Immediately option.

Enable Face ID lock/unlock feature on Telegram for iPhone

That’s it. Now, from now on, your Telegram will be unlocked using your face lock.

Block/Unblock Signal Using Face ID on iPhone

Enabling screen lock in Signal on iPhone is not very complicated even after this app is new to users. Just follow the easy steps given below:-

Final note

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