How to Loop Songs on YouTube for PC and Phone – Guide

On a desktop or PC, it therefore allows you to reshoot a video you are watching. Also, there are free third-party services that help you replay your recordings. The accompanying advancements will show you how to put any YouTube video on repeat. With the rise of YouTube Music, I bundled up my packages and stopped Spotify. Currently, I pay attention to the vast majority of my music and podcasts on YouTube. Every now and then I find a melody that plays over and over in my mind and I need to loop it out of my system. In fact, Spotify’s versatile app lets you circle tunes, but the YouTube app doesn’t. Then again, the desktop version of YouTube lets you circle a video. In case you have no idea, click on the video region and click the “Circle” button and you’re all set. In any case, I’m pretty sure YouTube won’t release this feature by its authority, Android and iOS apps at any time in the near future.

6 ways to replay YouTube video

Below, you’ll find the various methods for putting a YouTube song or video on repeat, whether you’re using a PC or mobile phone – Android or iPhone. There are a few tricks you can use it with the official YouTube app and web, but there is also a third-party app or website that you can use. Check them out and let us know if you need help with this.

Looping a YouTube video

As mentioned, YouTube doesn’t offer a repeat button on the panel. However, it does have a nice ‘Loop’ option that works the same way. With one easy click, you can replay your videos and keep listening all day long. It should be noted that the option to ‘Loop’ a video is only available for PC users and not mobile.

Create a playlist from a single video

As mentioned in the section above, the ‘Loop’ option is not available for mobile devices, which means Android/iOS users are forced to look for alternatives. Fortunately, the trick we are about to discuss how to solve the loop problem using a very straightforward workaround. There are two methods to add a video to your playlist.

Use Desktop Mode in Google Chrome

Use a Google Chrome extension

Use a looping site – YouTubeLoop

Use a third-party app

Final note

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