How to Magnify Any App on iPhone or iPad – Guide

It’s perfect if you forgot your glasses in a dark restaurant. While most people seem to be familiar with the flashlight option on the iPhone, the magnification features that the phonede camera uses to enlarge text, it seems a little less well-known. That’s because it’s buried in the settings menu. Here it is how to use the magnifying glass when you need it: If you’re using an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus, or iPhone XR, just triple-tap the button on the right side of phone. If you have an older iPhone, triple-tap the home button bring up the Magnifier app. You will see a screen similar to this: Use the slider to increase or decrease the text size. Tap the screen to focus, similar to camera application. tap the padlock button to fix focus or use filter button (bottom right) to apply different filters that can make it easier to read. Finally, tap the center button take a picture. That’s it. It’s really useful even for people who wear glasses but still need help zooming in on super small text like the tiny text in the manual I used in the image above.

Turn on Accessibility Zoom on iPhone and iPad

Follow focus and smart typing

If the app you want to extend uses a keyboard, enable Follow Focus, which also gives you the option to enable smart typing. Follow Focus tracks your selections, cursor and typing. Smart Typing switches to Window Zoom (below) when the keyboard is displayed.

zoom region

This setting allows you to zoom in using the entire screen or keep it within a smaller window. If you use Full Screen Zoom, the entire screen will be zoomed in and obviously the app you are using. If you use Window Zoom, you will control a small window that contains a zoomed part inside it, as illustrated below.

Zoom to an App on iPhone and iPad

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