How to Make a group email in Gmail – Guide

If you are trying to connect to a group digitally, it can be tedious to enter each individual email address. Names are withheld, events missed, feelings hurt, friendships ended, and then fights begin. It might be a little dramatic, but in any case, it’s easy to define up groups in Gmail so you can connect with your contacts more conveniently. You can use groups to send work emails, distribute content, or connect with friends and family. Communicating with a group of co-workers, friends or family can be quite difficult when trying to manage 6 email threads at the same time. Please note that editing a Gmail group does not automatically add or remove a person from a Gmail conversation. Fortunately, Gmail allows users to create group emails that they can easily add and remove people from. Technically, anyone can create a group email simply by typing multiple addresses into the “To:” bar in Gmail. However, an “email group” is a custom group of email addresses that, once created, saves you from having to enter each address every time. Creating an email group can save a lot of time and avoid the redundancy of typing the same 4-6 email addresses over and over again. Email groups can be created in seconds and edited at any time.

How to Make a group email in Gmail

It’s quite easy to create a mailing list in Gmail and send an email to all of them. But there are a few things you should know:

Create a group in Gmail

The first part of a mailing list in Gmail is creating a list or group of contacts you want to email. While Google offers contact management, its solution requires you to leave your Gmail app, which it integrates with to a limited extent. The best way to create and manage email lists in Gmail itself is with the Mailtrack’s List functionality, offered for free by Mailtrack for Gmail.

Add contacts to the group

After opening Lists, you can use the following options to manage them. Choose a name for your contact list and add contacts (as many as you want). They could be new contacts or people you’ve contacted before. To create a new contact list:

Edit contacts and send emails

To edit an existing contact list:

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