Similar to Google Cast and Chromecast, Apple AirPlay is designed to be an easy method to send music, videos, and images from macOS and iOS devices to a HomePod or other Apple device as well as other third-party receivers. Many products from brands like Roku and Vizio support AirPlay. However, Apple has not yet made it possible for Android or Chrome OS devices to connect to AirPlay devices in an official manner. Fortunately, in the meanwhile, independent developers have created a means to AirPlay music from Android smartphones.

Steps to Make AirPlay Work On Android Devices

Download AirMusic from the Google Play Store

Since a rooted device lets you record audio from all apps, you can purchase the full app without needing to download the trial app. Of course, you’re welcome to download the trial app first.

Set up the app to work with AirPlay

Head to General Settings and then tap on Select Your Audio-Source. From there, tap Via Root: All internal audio (recommended).

Connect to your AirPlay device

Press play

And that’s it. Now that you’ve selected your AirPlay device within the AirMusic app, launch your music app of choice and start playing music. Since your device is rooted, AirMusic should work with any music app.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Make AirPlay Work On Android Devices. You can wirelessly stream audio and video across your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and even a Windows PC running iTunes thanks to the AirPlay protocol. Simply hit the AirPlay symbol on your phone and choose the device you want to stream to. Android is sadly one of the few systems that this protocol does not support. While casting from an iPhone to a Chromecast is quite simple, it is not possible to do the opposite.

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