How to make an Animated GIF on Mac Wallpaper – Guide

Animated GIFs are everywhere. You will notice them on your Facebook channel, in the Twitter course of events and in WhatsApp messages. You can also set an animated GIF as your desktop wallpaper on Mac. Your Mac might not help the GIF wallpaper out of the case, but you can create an animated wallpaper with the help of an external application. In that tutorial exercise, we show you how.

Setting animated GIFs as wallpaper on your Mac computer

Your computer’s operating system (macOS) does not have software that supports setting animated GIFs as a wallpaper or screen saver. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t install additional programs that can help you. There are several programs you can find online for this, but most of them are buggy or don’t work. Fortunately, we’ve found two programs you can trust. These programs are also constantly updated, so users can enjoy more. features almost every month. In addition, they are completely free. Let’s go through both and see what it’s all about.

before we start

from the following tutorials will show you how to download, install and use these programs, make sure you have already downloaded an animated GIF of your choice. You can search for the GIF you want on sites like GIPHY, Tenor and the like. Once you find the GIF you like, right-click on it and choose Save As. It’s also a good idea to make your own animated GIFs. There are many tools online that allow you to create animations just by adding your photos. Gif Maker is one of the tools you can use.


GIFPaper is one of the first programs that allowed users to set animated GIFs as wallpapers on Mac computers. In its early versions, GIFPaper software wasn’t exactly considered user-friendly. You needed to install and set up everything manually and it took some time. Also, this program used to drain about 15% of the computer’s CPU power to display the animated GIF. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to know that 15% is too much. However, the developers fixed most of these issues, so the GIFPaper we have now works just fine. We’ll start by showing you how to download and install this software. If your CPU isn’t that powerful and you have an older Mac computer, avoid setting animations as your wallpaper. The animations will likely slow down and you may end up up damaging your CPU in the long run (although this is quite difficult).

Downloading, installing and using GIFPaper

GIFPaper does not have an official website. Therefore, the download link we will provide in this article will be from a third party website. While downloading anything from a third-party site is not recommended for security reasons, this link has our green light. If that link stops working, you can check your alternative. Click on the link and download GIFPaper. Here’s what you need to do to install and use this software.

Animated Gif

AnimatedGIF is a program developed for Mac OSX/macOS that allows users to play animated GIFs. Initially, this program worked as a screensaver. With its latest updates, AnimatedGIF can set animated GIF backgrounds on your Mac computer. The software is now quite stable and doesn’t use as much RAM or CPU, but you still have to be careful as it varies from computer to computer. First, you need to download AnimatedGIF. You can download the program here. As you can see, the program is posted on GitHub where you can even see its source code. To download AnimatedGIF, click on the release you want. It is advised that you always choose the latest version (version 1.5.3 in this case) as it contains all the latest updates. Scroll down to the Assets section and download the AnimatedGif.saver and zip files. You can also download the source code if you wish, but it’s not necessary. See How to install and use AnimatedGIF on your Mac computer.

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