How to Make an Excel Spreadsheet Title Line – Guide

A spreadsheet, such as one created with Microsoft Excel, can be a useful business tool for everything from tracking inventory to managing staffing schedules. When worksheets get large enough, it can be difficult to keep track of all the information as you scroll or print. When creating a title row, also known as a header row, you can always see the first row of the worksheet as you scroll through the rest of it. When printing the worksheet, you can also modify a print option to display this row at the top of each page. In Excel, you can add headers and footers to the top and bottom of a printed worksheet. Create a footer with page numbers, the date and your file name, for example. You can make your own or choose from a variety of pre-made headers and footers. Only page layout view, print preview, and printed pages show headers and footers. If you want to insert headers or footers for several sheets at once, you can use the Page Setup dialog box. You can only use the Page Setup dialog box to insert headers and footers in other types of worksheets, such as worksheets or charts.

use a header

use the top line

Title of a chart

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