How to Make Discord Server On Android and Windows – Guide

Discord is definitely one of the best voice communication apps available today. Thanks to super-optimized audio compression, it is able to provide uninterrupted, high-quality voice chat even when streaming feature-rich video games. Discord works through virtual servers that direct communication between chat participants. Although it may seem complex, defining up your own Discord server is really very easy. TeamSpeak is no longer the undisputed king of VOIP services. If you play multiplayer games, chances are your friends are already making you join them on Discord. If you haven’t heard of Discord, it’s a free chat service focused on the gaming industry. It inherited many elements from Slack (group voice and chat channels) while maintaining a simple and intuitive interface. The Discord community is now 50 million and continues to grow exponentially. If you’ve been in the IRC era, you’ll be pleased to know that Discord works the same way. You can join and chat in regular text channels or use slash commands. If you want to voice chat, you can join a voice channel and chat with other members using a headset. Whenever you feel like it, you can quickly set up a server for you and your gaming buddies. Once you have them all in the same place, you can set up a voice channel for a specific game and invite your A-Team.

Creating a Discord Server on Windows

To create a Discord server, you need to have a validated account. You can easily do this by downloading the Discord client here. After installing the client, you will be automatically directed to create and validate your account. Once you have a fully activated Discord account, follow the steps below:

Creating Discord Server on Android

If you want to create a Discord server from an Android server, the steps are a little different, but the result final it’s the same. Here’s what you need to do:

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